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Whether  Life , Business, or Relationships  – I’m here to help you!

Felix Futuri

A coach dedicated to the improvement of people’s lives and movement toward their goals.

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Yes Aliens are REAL. This Martian mentored me and gave me my start.

LDr. John Gray wrote a book a long time ago that became the most translated, most read book in human history (outside of the bible) called “Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus.”  Mars Venus Coaching organisation gave me my start and trained me.  

At the intense coaching boot camp in Australia, circa 2001.

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Yes 20 years of experience helping people.   American by birth, Australian by choice.   Also a veteran of the United States Navy, MBA holder, and proud Christian father. 

Let's explore how coaching can change your life!

Life Coaching

If you're like most people, there's times you wish you could get more out of life. More happiness, more money or more time. All that is possible and more with a good coach to guide you.

Business Coaching

Not just improve your bottom line but also find ways to make things run easier, leaving to a better life/work balance and overall better health and happiness.


Whether at work, in love, or in our families, relationships can enhance or destroy our lives. These important aspects of life should never be ignored or taken for granted.

Felix Futuri took us from competitor to market leader.

Robert Wang, CEO Diamond Tech

our clients

I'm an optimist, so I always felt there were many options. But I had a hard time choosing one and putting a plan in place. Felix helped me zoom in on what was important, leading to my most successful year yet.
Fashion Pixe Designs
I needed to transition to retirement but was having a hard time letting go of the business I spent my life building. Coaching was not something I had considered until a friend recommended Felix to me. He put me on the path to handing my business over to my son and I couldn't be more happy and proud.
Patrick Asbury
Aeroglass Pools

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