Success is a Decision

The people you have known to be successful in your life, have all failed. I read that Michael Jordan missed more shots than anyone in history of the NBA. This video shows you that a lot of people you know as successful today, were at one time dismissed by their peers, colleagues or family as … Read more

Crazy Days in Forex Trading

Lately there has been a shift in most of the long running trends. It is crazy days in Forex trading indeed. It wasn’t that long ago that the Gold bull market was blazing away, and it seemed that both the Kiwi and the Aussie could never fall. They were the last economies to feel the … Read more


Yes after years and years of procrastination, after too many things coming up – life, bills, work- I am finally going to have a place on the web to call my own. And not just that, but this time it is in my control, and plan to have this blog up for the rest of … Read more